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Why Was Your Credit Card or Paypal Transaction Declined?

Maria G.
posted this on April 8, 2011, 02:26

About declined Paypal or credit card transactions:

When your order is entered a payment will be processed either immediately if you use Paypal, or within 24 hours or sooner of shipment if you enter a card on our system.  If declined, your order will be canceled and you will receive notification by email that your card was declined.

When a credit card is declined, it can be for the following reasons:

1.  The credit card billing address you entered on your order does not match the files of your credit card company.  The billing address is where you receive your monthly statement.  If it does not match, it will sometimes be declined based on your credit card company's policy.  Please contact your credit card company and find out your correct billing address or re-enter your order with the correct address at your convenience.

2. The expiration date was entered incorrectly or an incorrect credit card number was entered.  An incorrect credit card expiration date will cause your card to be declined almost every time.  And, most certainly an incorrect card number will always be declined.  Please re-enter at your convenience with the correct expiration date or card number.

3. Insufficient funds for a debit card, or your credit card has reached its allowable credit limit.

4. Some cards, especially debit cards have a "daily spending limit" imposed for security purposes.  If you have reached that limit for the day, your card will be declined.

Occasionally a customer will become frustrated by the fact their card was declined.  Please understand that retailers, including us at iHealth Fulfillment, DO NOT decide whether a card is accepted or declined.  That decision is always made by your credit card company, not our bank or our employees.  If your card is declined, your credit card company must correct the problem by removing a restriction, or you must re-enter a new order because some piece of information was entered incorrectly that is causing your issuing bank to reject the transaction.  If it happens a second time, we recommend you call your credit card company and verify the following data in order to correct the problem:

1. Verify the billing address they have on file for your account matches what you think it should be.

2. Verify the expiration date they have on file for your card vs. what your card says.

3. Verify that no restrictions are in place that prevents a retailer from conducting an Internet based transaction.

4. Verify that the purchase amount of your order will not exceed the credit limit of the card.

5. Verify if there are no "daily purchase limits" in place that prevent transactions over a certain amount from processing. 

Credit card companies will not give information to retailers as to why a card was declined.  You must obtain that information directly from your card company and have the problem corrected.  For security purposes, credit card companies will not provide information to anyone other than the card holder, which is you.


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